Thursday, April 23, 2015

Addition Strategies

In math class, we have been working on being more flexible with our thinking when it comes to addition strategies.  Students are looking at problems before they start solving. We know that there is not one strategy that is perfect for every problems. Sometimes we can make problems MUCH easier if we just take a quick look at them before solving.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mystery Plant Petting Zoo

Today we began our unit about plants.  Students spent time observing different kinds of plants using the sense of touch, smell and sight.  Students recorded their work in their science journal.  We are very excited to get this unit kicked off in such a fun way.  A BIG THANK you to the following families for the donations that made it possible to purchase these awesome plants for our class: Nash family, Zou family, Hurtado family, Lambert family, Nolan family, Miller family, and Barry family.

What was your favorite plant? Leave us a comment below. :) 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gravity Rules!

Recently in science, we have been learning about a noncontact force called gravity. In this experiment, we used the force of the air from a hair dryer to overcome the force of gravity.  At the point where the two forces (gravity and the air) balanced, the ball "floated" in the air.
Words you should know: 
force- a push or pull
mass- the amount of matter that in in an object
weight- the affect of gravity pulling on a mass
gravity- a noncontact force that pulls objects towards one another 

Addition and Subtraction Work

Currently, we are working on strategies for addition and subtraction.  Students have been using related problems to help them solve more difficult problems.  Check out our class charts below: