Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spirit Week Fun

We had a blast getting ready for the FSA by dressing different ways for these past few Spirit Days.  Our favorite was today, Wacky Tacky Wednesday.  Our students are definitely wacky but in an AWESOME way! Your teachers are little wacky too by the looks of this picture.

We are so very excited for all of you to shine on the FSA. You are all so bright and you've already made us proud as your teachers.  Now, it's time to show everyone else just how smart you are. 
We love you! :) 


  1. I liked wacky Wednesday too-owen

  2. Wacky Wednesday my favorite sprit day.

    AVERY 😃

  3. Wacky Wednesday was my favorite spirt day as well.Who else can rock a Miecheal Jaskson coustom.Cohen

  4. this is naiya i am going to olando please contact me at 8:24


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